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    Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd

    Company Profile
    Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, which is a High-Tech Enterprise that dedicates to the operation of whole Rosemary industrial chain for 19 years(of which includes the process from Rosemary quality provenance introduction, screening and breeding to its final product processing and R&D of applied in different industries development) , and specializes in providing a variety of anti-oxidation resolutions and full serial Rosemary products which contain with functional components in different c...
    Products List

    carnosic acid 30%
    carnosic acid 60%
    carnosic acid 20%
    carnosic acid 5% 10%
    carnosic acid 5% 10%
    carnosic acid 90%
    Contact Us
    Company: Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd
    Contact: Mr. Tao Lin
    Address: 1#, Cuizhu Rd, HK & Macao Industrial Park
    Postcode: 570314
    Tel: 860898-68637173
    Fax: 860898-68651125

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